If you learned there was a grizzly feeding nearby, what would you do? If you're a group of horses in a new video I've found, you heard up and stare down the predator.

I've heard plenty of stories about horse riders who unintentionally surprise a grizzly while adventuring in the backcountry. In this case, it was a hungry bear that just so happened to get interested in vegetation that was situated near a horse pen.

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This confrontation played out in an interesting way. As the horses realize there is a grizzly in their midst, they slowly begin to herd up and show a strength in numbers. Although the bear briefly seems to assess his nearby horse friends, he never really gives an indication that he's interested in an attack.

Eventually a group of men get together and begin moving slowly toward the bear to try and convince him to feed elsewhere. Fortunately for all involved, he decides to move onto greener pastures (literally) with no humans, horses or bears harmed.

The Plaid Horse shared an article about the most dangerous wild animals for horses. While bears are at the top of the list, they mention that it's not known that bears ever actively hunt horses. It's those chance encounters where a bear is surprised in the wild when things can go very wrong.

In this case, it was just an instance where the bears vegetation led him too close for comfort to a horse pen. It's one bear/horse story that did have a happy ending.

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