I will never do what I just witnessed. An ice climber has just shared his conquest of the massive "Hydromonster" in Yellowstone National Park.

Bradford Burns must have some mad ice climbing skills. I get vertigo looking at this frozen falls in Yellowstone from ground level. He climbed it and captured video of the experience.

Mountain Project shared some daunting stats about Yellowstone's "Hydromonster". It shows this vertical climb is about 280 feet. Nope. Never ever doing this. Ever.

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A few years ago, another climber shared video of this climb which shows some different pulled-back perspectives to give you an idea how crazy this wall of ice is.

This location in Yellowstone is so far north in the park, it's closer to Cooke City, Montana than it is any city in Wyoming. The Cooke City Chamber of Commerce has a helpful guide you can check out if you think you'd like to witness this spectacle. As for me, I'm gonna respect gravity and remain here on planet earth.

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