The problem with a horse up front is that a lot of poop comes out of its backend.

SOLUTION: Get rid of the horse and put a jet engine in the back. Cause why the heck not, by gosh.

To do this, the buggy needs to be reinforced so it can take the thrust. I mean, why do this if you're not going to include afterburners?

One of the builders of this jet-powered Amish buggy accidentally bought a turbojet. This kind of jet shoots hot gas to create thrust.

They strengthened the vehicle with a steel frame. They then took out the buckboard and put in a racing seats and modern gauges.

Isn't it strange though, they take away the horses but still measure the speed in horse power?

Now let's remember that those are still just wooden wheels. That means it's a good idea to go no faster than 55 or 60 miles per hour. That's Mach 0.0781994 if you're a jet pilot.

The driver also keeps it that slow because, despite being steel reinforced, this thing does not have a roll cage.

This thing needs a cool nickname. THUNDER BUGGY sounds good.

AUGUST, 24, 2019 OHIO, Chad Clark and Mike Monter of Millersburg, Ohio went to a local county fair and turned heads with their one of a kind creation.

It took a total of 700 hours of labor to complete, with many all-nighters, and around $30,000.

Barcroft Media via Getty Images
Barcroft Media via Getty Images
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