Have you ever had a dream of flying low and slow over your hometown? Most people have had dreams like that but few ever get to realize them.

The video below can help you live that dream.

Each year, at airports across the country, a group called EAA takes kids up for a discovery flight in what they call their Young Eagles program.

During that event, most kids flew in airplanes But a few chose to fly low and slow, like in their dreams.

A ride in a helicopter is a very different experience.
attachment-Helecopter taking off Photo By Glenn Woods
Thanks to TAG Aviation these kids go to see their hometown from above and maybe even hover over their house for a moment.

From the Casper Natrona County International Airport over Mills, then Casper and parts of Evansville, back to Casper, then over Mills to land again at the airport. What a ride!

Can you see your house in this video? I found mine.

The video was shot by Tim Madese, a local artist and photographer as well as a writer for Cowboy State Daily.

Tim had the seat right up front next to the pilot. That means he not only had a view out in front of him but below and to the sides.

But enough story. Click the video below and let's go for a ride.

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