I feel like these guys need no introduction.

But in case I'm wrong (it has been known to happen) Ned and Beau LeDoux are the sons of beloved Wyoming Country singer Chirs LeDoux.

I came across a video on Vimeo last week. In it, Ned and Beau talk about their life in Wyoming and share some fascinating stories about their dad.

While I am far from being a Chris LeDoux expert, I do know a fair bit about the man.

After watching this video I found myself knowing a whole lot more about him and his family.

The pictures from the past that are included in this video, as well as the fabulous interview footage, really brings to life the stories the LeDoux's are sharing.

Ned offered a lot of behind the scenes insight from his time playing music on the road with his dad.

I particularly found it touching to hear Beau talk about how his dad was his hero, I know a lot of other people feel the same.

This video is part of the "Special Cowboy Moments" series, hopefully, there will be some more great videos about Wyoming heroes coming.

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