What you will see in the video below is from the Alta region, northern Norway.

A village was pulled into the ocean in a very short period of time. Jan Fredrik Drabløs recorded this in a short 3 minute video.

The ocean had been undermining the village for some weeks. Then, Thursday June 4th, 2020, it became clear that it was all about to be pulled into the sea.

First you will see the land at the edge of the village begin to move. Then it breaks away. At that point, the entire village seems to move as if it is floating out into the ocean.

The appearance, at first, is that this entire area might become another island. The homes and barns seem to stay in tact. But then things begin to stretch.

In the video below, you will see the road stretches, then breaks apart.  Trees are then dragged down.

There is a bizarre sound that comes from the land and then the homes begin to crumble.

Then, when you might have thought that maybe something could survive this, everything is swallowed up and taken underwater. What is left of some homes float away.

The Secretary General of the International Tsunami Commission and Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at Brunel University Dr. Mohammad Heidarzadeh, wrote on Twitter,  "Entire coastal villages were moved to the sea. This type of slow landslide is seen repeatedly along the ria type coastline in Norway and occurs every few years,"

In other words, while we here in the United States might have never seen anything like this, coast lines in Norway can crumble and fall into the sea on occasion. Though it does not happen often, it is a natural event.



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