Pilots call this a "BROWN ALERT!"

That refers to the color of the pilot's underwear after an event like this.

It was the 4th of July. The plane took off from the Rocky Mountain Municipal Airport in Bloomfield, which is on the eastern side of the mountains.

This Cessna 152 was trying to climb over the mountains when it failed.

The wings stalled, meaning they could not provide any more lift, and the plane tipped over, almost hitting the ground.

Hikers in the area caught photos and video of the near crash. They almost witnessed someone DIE!

A local news channel talks about what they know in the video below.

A Cessna 152 is a two-seater airplane with a small engine that is not known for its power.

The plane was built to train new pilots. It was never meant to cross mountains.

Add to that a hot summer day and the low amount of air at the altitude we see here, it's no wonder the plane could not climb.

A "stall" in this case does not refer to the engine stalling. It refers to the wings not being able to provide enough lift to support the plane.

The pilot was trying to climb over a mountain peak when the wings stalled and the plane tumbled out of the sky.

As the plane fell it gained enough speed for the pilot to be able to pull up before he hit the ground.

In the next video, a Colorado pilot explains in more detail what went wrong. He then wonders why the pilot continued to cross those mountains after his near miss with death.

If you're going to fly over the Rocky Mountains in a small plane, pick a plane that can do the job, and do not do it on a warm summer afternoon.

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