Senator John Barrasso, (R) Wyoming, made his usual appearances on the national Sunday morning chat shows with some unusual comments about his trip to the southern boarder with Mexico. Barasso claimed that a Biden administration official instructed the senators in the delegation led by Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz to delete their photos. The request was made, but none of the Republicans did.

“We were told to delete the pictures,” he said. “No one did. You’ve seen the video coming out of all of these kids crammed together under the foil blankets, huddling together.” (New York Post).

Senator Barrasso, then went into detail describing the detention centers looking much like a camp after a hurricane. He described the children he saw as being packed in like sardines.

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“This is both a humanitarian crisis and a national security crisis,” Barrasso said during his Fox News interview.

Senator Barrasso then went on to talk about his concerns of a public health crises and a spike in COVID because of the way these kids are tested, unvaccinated, and crammed in.

“They do the instant test. And then those that have been tested positive are just kind of moved to one side of the courtyard, those negative to the other of this courtyard,” Barrasso explained.

“They’ve all been exposed, and then they’re sent all across the country. You know, that is the real tragedy of this. And we’re not sure what variant of the of the coronavirus they’re carrying. They are carrying it, though, all around America.”

The video, below, is Senator Barasso's statement at the boarder with the delegation that came to assess the situation.

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