It was jaw-dropping enough to see the Alcova Reservoir when it was full. But we were familiar with that. Now, seeing it empty causes our jaws to drop even lower.

It is so odd to see docks sitting high up above the waterline, with murky long beaches stretched down several football fields of water.

The video, above, is a collection of photos and drone videos over what was once a full reservoir.

Since the water levels are now at the levels they were at then the dam was first created, which was back in 1938, curious people are out on the elongated beaches to see what they can find. New islands have appeared, giving us a hint of what the landscape may have looked like before they finished the dam and let the water rise. It also gives us an idea of how deep those waters are when the reservoir is full.

So far, it's mostly been junk. Beer and soda cans and old pop bottles. Old anchors and a few barrels.

The most interesting item found, I think, were the signatures just above the water line that were carved into the rocks before the water level was allowed to rise when the damn was finished back in 1938.

Construction of Alcova Dam began in August of 1935 and was completed in 1937. The water began to rise, slowly, through 1938.

In the later half of 2020, Alcova Reservoir in Wyoming was drained down to the lowest water level since its creation, in order to perform much needed maintenance on the dam.

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