Since a new list of businesses in Casper that now require customer to wear face masks was released, some residents have expressed their displeasure over the change. While the COVID-19 safety measures have been somewhat annoying and caused a major change to everyone's way of life, as the saying goes, it can always be worse.

A short, 19-second video that was recently shared to Twitter by CCTV IDIOTS, shows a couple of Pakistani men getting assaulted by what appears to be news reporters. The video's caption reads:

How Pakistan enforces masks...

The two men were slapped and beaten a few different times in the under 20 second video, even after they were given masks. Apparently they weren't putting them on fast enough for the reporters liking.

I spent a considerably amount of time online trying to find the complete video with a little more explanation, unfortunately, to no avail. It appears it was originally posted by a Dutch YouTube fail compilation channel called, Dumpert, but because it's all in the Dutch language, it makes it very difficult to navigate the page.

One thing is for sure, I'm glad people and reporters are walking around beating up store owners and patrons for not wearing facial covering. Can you imagine the pandemonium that would cause here?

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