I found a video of a very unique guy who refers to himself as a raccoon whisperer. It's insane how many raccoons are surrounding him, but there's a way more compelling backstory as to why he does it.

This is James Blackwood. He is indeed a raccoon whisperer. Just look at all of these food bandits.

On his YouTube channel, James explains why he goes out nightly to feed all of these raccoons.

I live in a forested area few neighbors and they don't bother anyone else. This was my wife's project and she died in 2003 of Cancer and begged me on her death bed to take care of her raccoons

I have to admit that when I first saw the video I had so many concerns. What about raccoons and diseases? Purdue University mentions multitudes of diseases you can get from these animals. The fact that raccoons can get so aggressive especially when there's food involved would make me wary of even thinking about doing this. But, James has details on how these coons have had vet care and are very well taken care of.

James feeds these animals more than hot dogs. Recently he also tried whipped cream.

Have to appreciate James devotion to honor his late wife's memory all these years by taking care of her favorite raccoons. More stories like this, please.

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