Have you ever seen a political ad SO BAD that you actually became embarrassed for the candidate in the ad?

Somebody should tell these people how bad they look.

But then again, it can be fun watching them make an embarrassing spectacle of themselves on TV.

Just for you, we scanned the internet looking for the WORSE political ads of the 2022 campaign season.

Get some popcorn and watch some cringeworthy ads in our first selection, below.

Here is the Utah lady who RAPPED her campaign ad. This is REALLY BAD!

The lady in the video above was trying to make you laugh.

I have to give her at least a little credit for being willing to make fun of herself and doing anything to get your attention.

At the same time, she should never do that again.

These ads in the video below were designed to scare you.

One guy even has a dumpster fire behind him.

Yet the more serious they try to be the funnier they are.

I'm sorry you are so serious I had to laugh.

Why so many GUNS in political TV ads?

I like guns. I own guns.

But why does every conservative ad have to have a gun?

Virtue signaling is why.

For that matter, liberal ads in Conservative states have Democrats who hate guns shooting guns to win votes.

It is interesting to watch these ads to see which of these people actually know how to use the gun they are holding.

Some don't even know how to hold it properly. They should have hired a gun consultant.

Political ads are easy to make fun of.

One of my favorite parodies of political ads comes from The Reason Foundation. 

They created an ad a few years ago that perfectly exposes the nonsense that goes into the creation of almost every political ad you see and hear during an election year.

Their Guy VS. Our Guy!

Another honest political ad was put out by U.S. VOTE.

They wanted to show what really goes into the making of a politician, not just a political ad.

So they hired an actor, gave him a name, and actually ran him for office, as a spoof.

They ran real campaign ads on local TV stations, right in the middle of regular campaign ads.

They should do this every 2 years, nationwide.

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