WARNING! Most of this story is nonsense. The last two lines are the truth.

Imagine waking up one snowy morning and you hear your neighbor, across the street, running his snow blower.

You look out the window but, it is not him.

You'll probably think to yourself that you need a cup of coffee, or maybe you had too much to drink, and need coffee, as you watch the unicorn pushing the snow blower across the street.

Unicorn snow blower sightings are becoming like bigfoot sightings. 

They are rare, but they are happening.

Nobody has footage of Bigfoot with a snow blower because bigfoot is lazy and won't try to make a few bucks cleaning people's sidewalks. The dude's just a freeloader.

We do have a video of a T-Rex helping a unicorn with the snow. Unlike Bigfoot, T-Rex is not afraid of a little hard work.

Blowing snow in an outfit like this might actually be warmer than just wearing a coat, assuming that the air being blown is heated.

The blowup costume would keep the wind off the skin, which is better than just wearing a coat.

Unless that really is a unicorn we are looking at.

Let's have another look, you be the judge.

You might look at these videos and wonder, why are all the unicorns PINK?

It must be from drinking too much. Rather like getting drunk and seeing the Pink Elephant. 

But not all snow-blowing unicorns are pink. Here is a mostly white one in the video below. Look at that impressive red mane.

Below is a pink one with a rainbow mane.

Does that make them different breeds or did they go to the salon and get it styled that way?

Maybe this is how they raise money to have their hair done.

In the next video, you'll see a purple mane. It's quite impressive.

So, what have we learned here?

All over the country unicorns like to make extra money blowing snow off people's sidewalks and...

Unless they are doing it for free!

Do you think people are wishing for a unicorn to come to blow snow off their driveway and sidewalk and the unicorn ferry granted their wish?

Then again, maybe we are all just drinking too much.

If you made it this far into the story - THE TRUTH IS - These are people that are just helping out and the unicorn costume is just to make them smile.

Go back up and watch the first video. The gentleman in the suit, who looks NOTHING like you would imagine him to look, explains it all.

Yes, there are still good people in the world. A lot of them in fact.

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