It was truckers' mayhem on I80 on Saturday.

Forty-four semi-trucks and cars were involved in two separate pile-ups between Elk Mountain and Laramie.

One person and others were injured. One accident happened at westbound mile marker 261 and the other at westbound mile marker 266.

A trucker's YouTube page covered the event by talking with the drivers that had been out on the interstate that day.

One trucker, who was stuck in Cheyenne for two days, left with the others when the highway was finally opened.

"They were going way too fast. Someone passed me going down the mountain at like 80 miles an hour on icy roads. And, certainly enough, they ended up in the pileup. I missed it because I was going slow." (Mutha Trucker - Official Trucking Channel.)

The trucker who was being interviewed was in Laramie at the time.

When asked how many trucks were stranded estimated it to be about a thousand.

On his walk back he saw trucks lined up as far as the eye could see.

In Laramie, every street was full of tucks and they were filling parking lots with any place they could find to put their rig until they could move on.

The interstate had only been opened for about an hour when WYDOT had to close it down again due to the pileup.

attachment-Trucker youtube channel

Many truckers had to stay with their rigs out on the highway over the weekend.

WYDOT has reported that they won't be able to open the highway until Monday, around 12 pm.

The moral of the story:

It's not always wise to drive on the road the moment they open it.

Also, when driving on snow and ice, slow way the hell down and take your time.

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