When I first watched this video from May of 2020 (which is now last year) I assumed it was from somewhere in the Western United States.

After all, the massive Brown Bears are fighting through and on top of a barbed-wire fence...which is pretty common around here.

I did a little digging and learned that these Brown Bears are actually fighting over the Chinese/Russian border.

According to an article in The Siberian Times, there was a trail camera positioned at this particular spot because it is a known migration trail for endangered Amur Tigers.

While only a few seconds of this fight are caught on camera it is clear it was an epic battle.

There was incredible damage done to not only the fence but other cameras that were set up along the trail.

While it IS common for Male Bears to fight over territory it is NOT common to catch it on video...or for the bears to be from two different countries.

We may never know who the winner of this Brown Bear brawl was, but based on the footage I bet they both had more than a few wounds afterward.

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