The few times in my life I had to rent a truck, I was always surprised that they just gave me the the keys and let me walk off. What the heck to I know about driving trucks?

The video below is a perfect example of a person that someone should have been given at least a few words of advice before they handed him the keys.

Yet everyday, around the nation, truck rental companies just hand the keys to trucks and trailers of all sizes.

I wonder what the insurance must be for these companies. How much damage is done to the trucks? What about the property damage?

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Honestly, who out there really knows what they are doing when they load? It's not just a matter of if it fits, it's a matter of if the load is balanced.

Pulling a heavy load on a trailer should come with a little more instruction than, "Have it back by Sunday!"

Watch the guy in the video below approach a water pipe that has something on it to let him know if the truck he is driving is too high. Maybe he doesn't know what that thing is.

Once he gets caught under the pipe everything he does to try and get out from under it just makes the situation worse.

I know it would be a lot more expensive, but maybe these companies should just say NO to some people and make them go out and hire a professional company with loaders and drivers.

Then again... never mind. I love watching videos like these.

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