Getting tired of hearing about pumpkin spice? How about a pumpkin drop while drinking something pumpkin spiced? That sounds like fun.

While we are at it, let's drop a giant pumpkin on a model of the coronavirus.

It goes to show you that the people of Worland Wyoming know how to party.

In the video above, you get to see these giant pumpkins fall and splat from every possible angle.

Last Saturday, the residents of that central Wyoming town got together to watch a crane lift pumpkins weighing anywhere from 500 to 930lbs high into the air, then release them.

It's very scientific you know. Testing Newton's Law and all that.

The height of the drop is 170 feet. Below the prepared pumpkin is the COVID-19 germ. 

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“You can’t quite see it in the video, but the ball we were dropping it on was supposed to be a coronavirus germ,” Richard said. “It said ‘Made in China’ and had some other things spray painted on it, but it’s a big coronavirus germ.” (Cowboy State Daily).

Richard had the two largest pumpkins, weighing in at 1,225 and 1,238 pounds.

The pumpkins do not go to waste. Those attending get to take chunks home to feed to animals or cook.  Well I mean, come on, how else is someone going to get those big suckers open?

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