Ever see one of these big Tonka Toys driving down the road, clearing snow?

Wonder what it looks like to be the driver of that thing?

Thanks to Ted Summers of Casper Wyoming for sending me the video, below, of what it looks like to be the driver and see the snow shoot high and far from the drivers point of view.

The only difference between men and boys is the size of their toys.

Well, this is a really big toy.

Try imagining how hard that thing is to steer.

Pushing up against snow that is sometimes packed, but at the same time that spinning snow blade up front is sucking in what is in front of it.

Driving this thing must be a weird feeling.

Okay, now lets take the snow plow drivers perspective.

You'll see him working that steering wheel as he pushes the snow off the road.

He's pushing the snow but the snow is pushing back.

It's all about momentum.

Yet at the same time snow plows can loose traction just like your car can, even though they are big and heavy, and usually caring a heavy load of sand on top of that.

Slick is hard to deal with.

This next video takes us out on to an interstate.

There are cameras mounted on the inside and outside of the truck.

It's obvious that this driver has had a lot of experience.

You'll see what I mean as you watch how he handles that truck.

He's pushing a lot of snow at high speeds.

How fresh or how packed the snow is has a lot to do with how hard or easy his day is going to be.

Then there are the idiot drivers he has do deal with.

I'll save that for another post.

Thanks to all those who work day and night to keep out roads cleared.

You work a tough job with some odd hours.

Mother nature does not cooperate.

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