YUP, the drought is ending.

We have been getting a lot of snow.


How about we let this snow mobile in the Bighorn mountains of Wyoming show us.

He stops his machine.

Stands up on the seat.

Jumps off - and...

OKAY, that's a lot of snow.

If that was in it's liquid state he would be treading water.

OKAY, hold on.

We might have a problem here.

Now that he's up to his neck in the snow, he needs to get back to his snow mobile.

From there he needs to climb back up on top of the machine.

But doing that could tip the machine and sink it down into the snow, then both he and the machine are stuck.

He does have a friend shooting this video, that might help.

Still, I'd like to see his exit strategy on this one.

Snowmobilers do love the Bighorn Mountains.

You might love this next video.

This year has been EPIC for them.

There is a website that keeps track of those conditions for winter white stuff lovers.

SLED WYO is the webpage to follow.

Here is there last report on the Bighorn Mountains.

The following report is best case scenario for riding elevations above 8,000ft.

Latest Significant Storm: 01/25/23

Previous Snow Depth: 24” to 31"

Current Snow Depth: 24”-45”

Snow Quality: Epic champagne pow!

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Avalanche Observations: A few weeks ago, we observed surface hoars and extreme temperature swings. We predicted that would cause a weak layer in the snowpack. Now that we received 15” to 20” of fresh snow, avalanche conditions will be high on all slopes.

Report Summary: One of the best storm systems we have gotten in a few years is currently hitting the Bighorns and will continue to hammer us until the end of the week. Snow should be good for awhile.

Backcountry Conditions Rating: A+ (If you’re not here right now, we feel bad for you)

Trail Conditions: Trails are in pristine shape with the exception of Red Grade. Red Grade now has bare spots on the south facing slopes and some of the shaded spots are pure ice. Once you reach an elevation of 7,200ft at Red Grade, trails are fine. It’s just 5,200ft-7,000ft are sketchy. All trails have been groomed.

WEIRD Wyoming Snow Drifts April Blizzard 2022

Wyoming Shelter Dogs Having Fun In The Snow

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