Watch the video below, unfortunately, it isn't anything too surprising. A tourist gets rushed by a bear shortly after Yellowstone National Park is opened.

Seriously? Day one and this is already happening. This is going to be an interesting year as once again tourists prove they are not smarter than the animals.

This woman in the video does not realize the actual danger she is in, nor do the people that are with her.

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First blunder showing how much of an idiot she is, she is shooting vertical video. Don't even get me started on that.

Because she is too close to the bears the animals feel threatened. One of the bear's charges and snorts. He's trying to tell her to buzz off.

She walks off mumbling "oh God oh God. "I got that on video," one onlooker says. "Me too," says else someone out of frame.

If the bear had decided to continue its charge and had mauled her I bet we would have heard from her friend, "I got that on video." The dying woman's last words would have been, "Me too."

I still think Yellowstone should post billboards in the park of animals eating humans in the most graphic possible way.

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