It's great when the park service offers advice on what to do when a bear is near.

Too bad the people who really need to read this stuff never really read this stuff.

Let take a look at the latest that the National Park Service has for the Yellowstone tourist. Some of this might seem silly. But all of this is good advice.

There is one item circled here. I agree with half of it. I'll explain after you read it.


Bears can sense bad acting? As a friend I might side with the bear on this one. "OH COME ON STEVE! You deserve to get mauled after that performance.

Do not run up and PUSH the bear? Who the HELL has EVER done that? Anyone who does deserves what they are about to get.

As for the pushing the friend down, I warn all friends and family before they go hiking with me that they if we come across a bear they better push me down before I push them down.

ViralHog via YouTube
ViralHog via YouTube

That last one on running... I hate to say it but most fat Americans today are so out of shape that running only makes them look like a large jelly donut trying to figure out how to run. Even if they are able to jog a few feet they will run out of energy before they get 10 yards.

I'm not trying to sound mean. Just real.

There is this video of a many who did all the right things when a bear was following this guy in the woods. Watch this video and do what he does.

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