This morning I found out that Alabama has vending machines that dispense pecan pies. That got me to thinking, I don't recall any interesting vending machines in Wyoming.

Considering that many of us live so far away from stores that have what we need, perhaps it would be more efficient if a company placed vending machines all around the region to meet that need.

Here are a few ideas that the folks of Wyoming might like:

How about a machine the dispenses ammo? Especially during hunting season.

There is never a bad time or place for a pizza vending machine.

You'll never get a Wyoming city to allow this, but imagine - way out on some dirt road in the middle of nowhere - a beer vending machine.

Let's not forget meat. We need meat. One never knows when it would be a good time to light a fire and cook.

We can't end without bacon. Yes, there are bacon vending machines. I just want to know if there are cooked bacon vending machines where it comes out hot.


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