Seneca Riggins, Townsquare Media
Seneca Riggins, Townsquare Media

A group of Weld County, Colorado residents who want to secede from Colorado and eventually become part of Wyoming is asking people to sign an online petition to get the first step in the process before Weld County voters next year.

The online petition can be seen on the ''Weld County, Wyoming" Facebook page. The post describes the petition this way:

The voters are asking the Weld County Commissioners to place an initiative on the November 2021 ballot for the state of Wyoming to annex Weld County. Hereby, giving the Commissioners to set up a commission to explore the annexation with the State Government of Wyoming.

The petition itself includes the following wording:

''We are wanting to move Weld County to Wyoming. Wanting Wyoming to annex Weld County. Denver and Boulder are driving oil and gas out of the state. We are losing hundreds of jobs and millions in taxes. Now they are assaulting Weld County agriculture. From chickens to cattle, to placing a vegan on the veterinarian state board. There are other reasons like the 2nd Amendment. Denver/Boulder have drove weapons manufacturers out of the state. Rural schools, hospitals and all rural communities are getting ignored.  Denver/Boulder only care about Denver/Boulder.

Weld County's values align more with Wyoming then Denver/Boulder. 

Registered voters of Weld County, CO please sign and share with other Weld County voters.''

You can hear an interview with Todd Richards, the leader of the Weld County secession movement here. Any more to have Weld County leave Colorado and join Wyoming would face several hurdles, as it would have to be approved by Colorado, Wyoming, and the U.S. Congress.

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