As often as the masses are warned, you wouldn't think so many people would be attacked by wild animals, but it is definitely an issue around the entire country, maybe even more so in the Cowboy State.

A recent study conducted by BetOhio, goes into great detail about your chances of being attacked by animal in each state. As matter of fact, it breaks it down into categories by:

  • How many animal attacks are there in each state
  • The most dangerous state to live in for animal attacks
  • The safest state to live in for animal attacks
  • What type of animal attacks are most common in each state

The last bullet point goes even further and breaks it down by:

  • Mammal Attacks
  • Bug and Insect Bites
  • Snake & Lizard Encounters
  • Marine Fatalities

BetOhio also shared a map (shown below), which shows how many fatalities each state has accumulated over the last twenty years. As shown, Wyoming's number is fairly low, but so is our population.

Animal Attacks Map by State
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Thirteen fatalities over the last two decades doesn't seem like much, especially considering how many attacks are reported, but the study goes on to say:

Meanwhile, rounding out the regions with the lowest recorded animal attacks over the last 20 years, Wyoming has only seen 13 fatalities. However, the odds of suffering a wildlife-related fatality here (1 in 44,787) means Wyoming is officially more dangerous than Texas, California, and Florida!

While that ratio is disturbing enough, it's even more frightening to think about the fact that there are multitude of different animals that you can actually be attacked by.

Yellowstone National Park has a list for safe distances to observe different animals:

  • Bears - at least 100 yards
  • Bison - at least 25 yards
  • Elk - at least 25 yards
  • Wolves - at least 100 yards
  • All Other Wildlife - at least 25 yards

The thing to remember in Wyoming when dealing with wildlife is safety first... always.

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