Just outside of Cheyenne Wyoming, on I-80, parked a rig that was pulling something covered on a flatbed.

I stood there for a moment wondering what could be under there and found that it was more fun to make up wrong answers than to learn the truth.

So I put the question out there to Wake Up Wyoming radio show listeners across the state.

What do you think is under this tarp? Wrong answers only.

That's the advantage of having a state-wide radio show.

From Sheridan to Laramie, Cody to Kaycee, Gillette to Casper and Douglas, Torrington to Cheyenne, the answers came.

attachment-What Is It photo by Glenn Woods 2

While you are reading this let your imagination run wild.

What do you think it is?

The first thing I thought of was a Russian escape capsule from the international space station.

It kinda has that shape.

attachment-What is it 1

Someone had to throw in the Chinese balloon, didn't they?

Would have been shocking if nobody had.

attachment-What is it 2

There is always going to be that one person who does not focus on the object in question but sees something else that the rest of us didn't notice.

That's why I'm including this next one:

WOW - that's a nice TRUCK!

Who can afford such a nice truck?

Does the truck, or the driver of it, have anything to do with the object or is this person just a driver with a nice truck?

attachment-What is it 3

Someone even points out that this truck is more like an RV.

It even has a side that slides out for the extra room.

Then you can haul all of your toys on the flatbed.

attachment-What is it 4

YEAH - there are some inappropriate answers too.

Pardon me if I don't post them here.

But I'm not going to shy away from including the suggestion that it's a device for a proctologist.

Painful to think about, but funny.

attachment-What is it 5

The next few suggestions are really creative.

But you'll need to know your old movie references.

Even think back and remember a cartoon that ran on TV back in the 1970s.

The more up you are on old pop culture the better you'll do.

attachment-What is it 6

Literally, we got HUNDREDS of suggestions from Facebook.

On another social media outlet, we got THOUSANDS of suggestions.

So, what do you think it is?

Wrong answers only, please.

Wyoming's Wild Chinese Balloon Theories - Wrong Answers Only

With balloons from China floating overhead, and our military shooting them down right above us, everybody has been wondering, 'Just what are those balloons for?

Spy balloons?
Just weather balloons?
Are they trying to steal our satellite TV?
Are they listing to our cell phone calls?

On the Wake Up Wyoming morning show with Glenn Woods folks were invited to offer up their theories.


Here are the best we got.

Best Chinese Balloon Memes

The best we could find shared across the internet.
Lets enjoy them now that that big white dot in the sky has been blown to smithereens.

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