I just had a conversation with a gentleman who is determined to boot Liz Cheney as Wyoming's lone repetitive in the U.S. House. The only problem is, he is not from Wyoming. Mostly he is interested in getting rid of those that he sees as a detriment to his conservative values and he is fighting in multiple states to make that happen.

We spoke about the candidates running against Liz Cheney. It took me a few tries to get him to understand, if I did at all, that the way the political game is played in states that have large populations, and the way it is played on the national scene, is not how we play it in Wyoming.

He kept referring to what the polls said, who would be receiving national endorsements and who would not and who had the most money. In Wyoming, none of that matters.

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Wyomingites are not so interested in the opinion of someone who is not from Wyoming. So, national endorsements do not mean squat, unless Trump names someone. That's about it.

Most people in Wyoming do not look at polling to make their decision. That is because most people in this state make up their own minds. They do not follow the crowd. Besides, polls are usually wrong and most people know that.

As for money... in the last Wyoming gubernatorial race 2 billionaires, Foster Freeze and  Sam Galiotos, ran- and they both lost. While money is a requirement to get ads on radio, new websites, and social media, and some cash is needed to pay for all the gas and the new set of tires for visiting every voter in the state (more than once), having a lot of cash to spend does not guarantee a victory. In the last presidential race, the Democrats had several millionaires and billionaires enter for the nomination. They all dropped out early.

To win a political election in Wyoming people need a name the voters remember and a good reputation for fighting for Wyoming to go with it. Anyone who gets that out there has the best shot.

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