There you are, alone in the great Wyoming outdoors. I mean, just hiking, that's all. Not bothering anyone.

You turn the corner and see...Okay, that's a lot of muscle and teeth.

Zambia: Young Lion Baring It's Teeth

You're too close. Your flight response is not going to help you here. Do you think you can take it?

Recently a  survey was done asking people to look at 34 different animals. Of them, which do they think they could take in a fight?

Let's say you turn the corner and there is an Elephant. You might think, IN WYOMING? Well, we did have the wooly mammoth at one time, so why not. People gave elephants a 74% chance of winning.

Rhinoceros – in second place, also at 74%.

Smithsonian Channel via YouTube
Smithsonian Channel via YouTube

It makes sense that not many people thought they could take a grizzly bear. That animal has a 73% chance of winning. HONESTLY, who are the other 27% that think they can take on a grizzly bear?

For some strange reason, 64% thought the polar bear could beat them in a fight. Does that mean 36% think they can take a polar bear? REALLY?

Also performing particularly well are tigers (70%), hippos (69%), lions (68%), and crocodiles (67%).

Only 14% of humans thought they would lose a fight to a goose. Yet the video below shows that the goose probably wins almost every fight.

Apparently, most Americans aren’t confident in their fighting skills against nature. Then again we freak out over tiny spiders.

Most Americans are convinced they could beat a rat (72%), a house cat (69%), and a goose (61%) in a fight. But that means 17-24% are sure they would lose that fight.

I'm pretty sure most Americans would lose almost every one of these battles, but then I've been shopping at Walmart too much. I see what Americans are like these days.

Overweight Woman Relaxing On Sofa
Monkey Business Images Ltd

Do you think you could take that little yapping dog in your neighborhood? 

Most people think they could take a medium-size dog. Although not even half (49%) are sure of this.

The bigger the dog the less confident people get. 23% of Americans think they could beat a large dog in a fight, with 58% being sure they would lose.

Personally, I'm not afraid of the big dog. It's those little yappers that freak me out.

Getty Images
Getty Images

One in five men thinks they could beat a chimpanzee (22%) or king cobra (23%) in a fight, while only 8-12% of women feel the same way.

The gap is biggest when it comes to medium-sized dogs (which 60% of men but only 39% of women think they could beat) and geese (71% vs 51%).

Americans in search of answers are well catered for: there is a book series, a video game battle simulator, and even a Discovery Channel documentary dedicated to establishing the outcome of hypothetical animal combat.

Actual video of human beating a grizzly in a fist fight. (NO IT'S NOT!)

OKAY, maybe we could all use a few hints in how to take on nature when it wants to rumble.

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