What Wyoming statues should come down, according to those protesters taking down statues across the nation?

Answer: not one. But lets take a look at what some protesters would take down if they could.

Do you remember the controversy over the University Of Wyoming's commercial campaign, "The World Needs More Cowboys?" There was also the controversy over the UW mascot being a gun-toting cowboy. Basically anything that has a cowboy, a rope, or a gun is a bad influence and a trigger warning.

We will have to take down that statue of Buffalo Bill, starting with several of them in Cody.

Since some protesters want to take down statues of Lincoln, then the memorial on Lincoln Highway has to go.

But why stop there. Any representation of settlers or those who crossed the state heading west. While they are not statues, I am sure that all forts, including Fort Laramie, must come down.

War memorials of any sort must be removed too, especially if that memorial was to an objectionable war or battle.

This includes statues to famous Wyoming women, because they are as guilty as the men for an atrocities, real or imagined, that might have occurred in Wyoming.

That would also include the statue of Sacajawea in Wyoming. After all she helped Louis & Clark.

While we are at it, the state is littered with markers, though not statues, of those who died trying to cross Wyoming and soldiers who fought on this land it the early years.

Does that mean that the Wyoming license plate should be banned too?

I'm sure I'm just scratching the surface here.

So far protesters from outside of Wyoming have not demanded any of our stations come down...yet. I'm sure they will get to us sooner or later.

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