Maybe working from home isn't so bad after all...

This time has been tough on all of us. We've all had to make adjustments and some have been extremely difficult to deal with. However, there may actually be some new things in your life that you're actually enjoying.

Ok, hear me out.

I'm not saying that we could continue to live like this, but maybe one change has been for the better. Perhaps you had to move to working remotely after going into the same office for years. Sure, it was a major adjustment when this quarantine started, but after a few weeks you started to get the hang of things. Maybe you have fallen in love with the fact that you don't have to put on real pants to go "into the office."

What other things have been a nice change? Some restaurants have begun to offer booze with their to-go orders which has made many people happy. Some retailers have given customers the option of curbside pickup which has made it easier for parents with a car full of kids to grab the few items they need without going in the store. Heck, you may even be enjoying family dinner where everyone sits at the table and engages with one another.

There is good to be found. It's not easy to see the forest through the trees, but if you step back you might find there are many positives to come out of this rather negative time. Change is certainly not easy, especially when we don't initiate it ourselves, but change can bring things into perspective and draw out something wonderful.

Take a moment to look around you and tell us something new that you want to see stick around after this pandemic.

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