A very interesting question has been asked by Wyoming Public Media: "What are your thoughts about investing in wind energy in Wyoming?" 

Before we can have a conversation we must agree on what the words mean. That is why when a bill is introduced before the Wyoming House and Senate they have a list of definitions, so there is no confusion.

SUBSIDY: Money is taken from the taxpayers and given to a business.

TAX BREAK: Money earned by a business that is not taxed.

DEMOCRACY: Rule of the majority over the individual.

REPUBLIC: The individual rules themselves and the government's job is to protect their freedom and liberty.

America is a Republic. So is Wyoming. This means that the only person in charge of you is you. This also pertains to your property and your money.


As a free-thinking individual if you wish to invest your money in wind farms, go right ahead. You earned that money and you have the right to decide where and when to spend it.

But when Wyoming Public Media asks about "investing" in wind power they are not asking if you wish to spend your money of your own free will.

What they are asking is for a subsidy. Should the government take your money, without your personal consent, and spend it on something that you might think is a bad investment?

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So to answer the question, personally, I am against all forms of subsidies. I want them all to end. EVERYONE!

If wind power is to take over as the primary way of powering this nation then let it be because it makes money on its own, without subsidies, by finding willing investors and making a profit in the open market.

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