Where would we be without family? Seems like a pretty simple question, but for some folks it's not that simple. For me though, having a supportive family has always been something that has helped me continue on my journey.

When I moved to Wyoming, family members started booking their vacations and they start with the first round coming up soon.

When family comes to visit, making sure you take them to the best places is critical. Finding the best locations, eateries and destinations has to be adjusted to each visitor and is only the beginning especially when you're the bed & breakfast.

Most of us aren't travel agents or used to hosting, and like what we like, so freeing your mind and making the perfect plans could be tough.

Here are a few tips from Everyday-reading.com to use as a guideline to get ready for family to show up:

  • Having meal plan ideas:

    • One of the toughest parts of a visit is making sure you have an idea of what you're going to eat and where you're going to eat it. Having options and being flexible is a good idea.
  • Planning activities or day trips

    • When family comes to visit an incredible place like Wyoming, they surely don't want to sit around and look at the walls.
      • planning at least TWO potential activities per day means you don't have to come up with ideas on the spot
  • Figure in downtime and relax periods

    • When family comes to visit, good chance they're coming from quite a distance away and are looking for a vacation, not to be worn out and needing another vacation to recover.
      • It's easy to be in the car the entire time your guest visits, (especially in Wyoming) but planning some feet up time will enhance the visit
  • Don't over extend yourself

    • Even though you want to be there for your visitor as much as possible, you shouldn't feel like you have to be there 100% of the time. They're on vacation and that means you probably aren't. It's ok for them explore themselves
  • Make sure you clean up and make the living space comfortable

    • Giving your guest an area that feels like home can add to their stay.
      • putting suitcases in closets and putting away blankets, pillows and the air mattress makes it feel a little more homelike.
  • Do things that will make an impact

    • Making your guests trip memorable will ensure they'll want to come back and visit. We know that you can't see everything in Wyoming in just a few days, so giving them a good taste will make them want more
  • Have fun

    • If the experience is miserable for you, it's not fun for anyone. Do your best and don't get overly stressed while your visitors are here.

To help make sure you've got the basis covered, we asked our listeners some of their go-to places to make sure they take your mom or other visitors that come to town. The list is full of great ideas that will help take the pressure off of you.

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