The question is often asked, what is the highest point in your state?

For Wyoming it's Gannett Peak is the highest mountain peak in the U.S. state of Wyoming at 13,810 feet (4,210 m). It lies in the Wind River Range within the Bridger Wilderness of the Bridger-Teton National Forest. (Wikipedia).

But then what is the lowest point in each state?

In some states that's actually below sea level.

The lowest point in the entire United States is Badwater Basin. Located in Death Valley is 282 feet below sea level.

For those living in Wyoming, your lowest point is along the Belle Fourche River. That low point is shared with South Dakota. But it is not the lowest point in South Dakota.

attachment-lowest point in wyoming

The lowest point in Wyoming is 3,125 feet. Located is near the northeast corner where the Belle Fourche River crosses the State line into South Dakota.  (Wyoming State Climate Office and Water Resources Data).

So if you're wondering where the lowest point in South Dakota is, it's Big Stone Lake. At an elevation of 968 feet, Big Stone Lake is located on the Minnesota border. I won't get into the lowest point in Minnesota. It's like we're going down a rabbit hole here.

But just in case you're wondering what the lowest point in each state is, here is a handy video that can help you.

As with much of Wyoming and South Dakota this area is not easy to get to. So you can't just drive out and say, "WOW I'm at the state's lowest point."

It is interesting, however, that the lowest point and highest points in Wyoming are both hard to get to.

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