Here is a unique way for you to poke a stick in the eye of Vladimir Putin and show everyone that you oppose the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

It also shows how much you admire the people of Ukraine for the way they are fighting back.

Get a Wolverines sticker for your car.

Some will get the reference. Some are too young to remember it.

It was a hit movie in its time and spoke to all the fears Americans had about being surrounded by communism.

attachment-Youtube RED DAWN movie trailer

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a spoof article about how easy it would be for Wyoming to handle a Russian invasion.

If Russia Invaded Wyoming (WE'VE GOT THIS!) Use this link to read the article and see how Wyoming would kick some Russian @$$.

In that article, I referenced the movie RED DAWN.

Not the crappy new one. The original movie that hit theaters in 1984.

That movie is pretty much exactly what Wyoming would be like.

At the end of the movie, a young man stands upon a high point, raising the gun that he took from a Russian soldier in the air, as he shouts the name of his high school mascot and team.


It seems like there are quite a few people who remember that moment.

The website MOONSHOT is now selling a sticker for your car with that very image.

attachment-Moonshot sticker 2

That makes me wonder what other stickers might be out there that would help us show our support.

Turns out, quite a bit.

They do have this hoodie in blue.

attachment-Moonshot hoodie blue

That's nice but they also have this same hoodie in black with the boy and the words in red. That looks really good.

That also comes in T-shirts of all colors.

I'm sure there are other items coming out for sale that will help you show your support. But this one works for me. Really clever, for those people who get the reverence.

Have you seen the pictures and videos of Ukrainian farmers towing away abandoned Russian armored vehicles?


If that inspires you then you might like these T-shirts from ASMDSS.

The joke is a cross between the war in Ukraine and those who like to play farm games on their cell phones.

Whatever makes you laugh.

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