There you are, enjoying your favorite TV or radio show when it is suddenly interrupted by an EAS test. (Emergency Alert System). 


Sorry, what?

Is that just a test or is something bad really happening?

A few weeks back Wyoming has a series of tornadoes drop out of one supercell thunderstorm. That was one time we really needed to hear what they had to say.

Too bad nobody could understand the audio message.

It's a good thing they send out a written message that appears on our television screens or is alerted to us through our mobile devices.

Why does their audio message sound so over-modulated? 

Annoyed upset angry woman plugging her ears with fingers doesn't want to listen

Do you worry that it might blow your speakers out?

David Settle, who works radio stations in Laramie Wyoming like KOWB said that he has had to turn the volume way down on the radio station's end, for rebroadcast. Yet it still sounds way too loud.

I have had a few radio listeners ask me to complain about it to regional weatherman Don Day, of Day Weather.

But Don Day has NOTHING to do with the EAS broadcast.

That noise you're hearing comes from the National Weather Service in Riverton Wyoming. The NWS has another office in Cheyenne.

They must know about this problem. Right?

Has anyone called them to complain?

OKAY - FINE! I'll call and ask them about it, then get back to you.

Until then we can take some comfort in the fact that when an emergency is actually happening, The National Weather Service will get our attention.

We can't understand what they are saying.

But they have our attention.

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