"Saw this flying in Moneta, WY today," writes the lady that goes by Mandy May.

She was on US-20/26, West of Casper, Wyoming- halfway to the town of Shoshoni. Moneta Srv Rd turns off of the highway and there is what appears to be a small home with a few outbuildings and a chain-link fence around it.

Photo By Maddy Mae of Casper Wyoming 4

You can see a google street view of the place, at this link. 

The building that has the cowboy riding old Steamboat usually has an American flag flying on the pole in front of it. I think I might have seen a state of Wyoming flag on it once. I don't get out that way too often.

I was told by our news director in Casper that his gentleman likes to put up different flags, including the confederate.

This pictures by Mandy Mae leaves us with 2 questions. 

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1). Why the heck does anyone live way out here? People in this part of the county get that question a lot. Some are out here for work, some like the solitude. Mandy tells me that this guy is a bit of a hermit.

2) Why the Chinese flag? Since I have not been able to contact this gentleman, I can only offer a little speculation:

As soon as Joe Biden was elected president some conservatives around the country turned their American flags upside down. An upside-down American flag is a sign of distress, a call for help. An S.O.S. if you will.

This Chinese flag is probably in reference to the controversy with President Biden's son regarding alleged money an influence paid to Hunter Biden to gain access to then-Vice President Joe Biden during the Obama Administration.

"In December of 2013, one month after Rosemont Seneca's joint venture with Bohai Capital to form BHR, Hunter Biden reportedly flew aboard Air Force Two with then-Vice President Biden to China. While in China, he helped arrange for Jonathan Li, CEO of Bohai Capital, to 'shake hands' with Vice President Biden." (Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa)

The idea behind the flag could be to make a statement that our new president is in the back pocket of Chinese interests. 


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