In the 2022 Wyoming midterm election cycle Democrats lost a lot of ground in Wyoming.

Democratic challenger Merav Ben-David lost in a big way to Republican Ocean Andrew of Laramie in Wyoming House District 46. That despite all of the money poured into her campaign.

State Rep. Chad Banks, D-Rock Springs is out.

Democratic challenger Marcie Kindred lost in Cheyenne.

Democrat candidate Sara Burlingame was easily beaten in House District 44.

Republican Sarah Penn of the Wind River Indian Reservation beat two-term incumbent Democrat Rep. Andi LeBeau of Ethete by10%.

Does anyone even remember the name of the Democrats running for U.S. House or Governor? Most Democrats don't even know their names.

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The problem isn't just that Democrats in Wyoming are so outnumbered by Republicans.

The Democrat party in Wyoming hardly ran any candidates, and the few they did run were so far left-leaning that they cannot be taken seriously in a more conservative state like Wyoming.

Let's remember that Wyoming had Governor Freudenthal for 8 years. He was a Democrat. But he was not a hardcore radical Democrat.

I often wondered if Freudenthal had moved to a state like Massachusetts would he have to join the Republican party, as Mitt Romney did?

Democrats did not lose everywhere in Wyoming.

Republicans x Democrats
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In Teton County, Democrat Liz Storer beat Republican Paul Vogelheim for House District 23. But she only won by163 votes or about 3.1%.

Looking at more local races, county, and city, Democrats did just as bad in most parts of the state.

In fact, in many places, only Republicans were on the ballot. Not one Democrat showed up.

As a political party in Wyoming, the Democrats have become as ineffective as the state's Constitution and Libertarian parties.

All 3 parties have a lot to do if they want to be taken seriously in Wyoming.

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