Ever notice that when you cook a burger on an electric stove just does not taste as good as one cooked on coal, or natural gas?

We all know that cooking our food over organic fuels adds to their flavor.

The same is true for the scent of electricity.

We all know what electricity smells like.

Your nose has captured that aroma after something sparks or maybe there is a nearby lightning strike.

Well, Wyoming electricity is created with wonderful-smelling coal and natural gas.

So it smells much better than that boring current made by wind and solar.

That's why your food tastes better even when you cook it on a Wyoming electric stove.

Grilling time!

We all know what it's like to catch the scent of someone cooking on a grill.


Frankly, we just can't experience that same joy when we create electricity any other way than cooking it with coal or gas.

That's one of the reasons the state of Wyoming smells so good.

AH YES - Organic fuel fills our Wyoming air.

Plus, the creation of CO2, which is essential to life on this planet, helps keep the Earth GREEN!

The video below, from NASA and the Goddard Institute, will show you the evidence.

That wonderful CO2 produced by our Wyoming power plants not only contributes to greening but helps cool the planet, as this video by NASA explains.

As our planet gets greener, plants are slowing global warming.

Personally, I'd hate to live in a state like California where they want to ban backyard barbequing and create all of their power by wind and solar.

Let's work together to make sure Wyoming never goes that way.

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