I've lived in Wyoming for a little over ten years now, and only yesterday did it strike me that I don't see too many men with obvious combovers or toupees in this state.

I grew up in Florida. There are a lot of old men in Florida, therefore there are more combovers and toupees than can be counted.

You've probably already thought what I did at that moment:  of course there are not many combovers and toupees out here. There's too much wind.

If a man has a balding problem in this part of the country, he just wears a hat. It's one thing to chase a hat down the street. Hell, I've chased a few of my own hats down the street.

I've tried a hat with a string on it only to get choked by the string when the wind caught the hat. There I was, hat acting like a parachute behind my head, string around my neck... I gave up on that idea. It's not the way I want to die.

But imagine seeing a man's toupee rolling down the street. You might think it was a runaway cat or a little squirrel. Any one of us would help a man catch his hat if the wind was tumbling it down the street. Not one of us are all that interested in helping a man chase his toupee. Though we would whip out our phone and post a video of it on social media. That sucker is going VIRAL!

Now what about the combover? Not many men in Wyoming have one of those. If the wind catches that top tuft of hair in this state, it would flap in the breeze like a flag. No man wants that embarrassment. He'd rather chase his hat.

I bet most of you have never considered any of this before. Well, thanks to me, now you'll never be able to un-see it.

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