MYTH: Wyoming HATES Colorado.

FACT: Wyoming is - disappointed - in Colorado.

For the longest time, Wyoming and Colorado were very much alike.

Except for Denver, most of Colorado was living a small-town lifestyle.

But as the population of Colorado exploded its values changed.

Not the values of the original people of Colorado.

But the values of the people who moved there overwhelmed what the state once was.

Now Colorado is a state of big government, overreaching and overbearing laws and regulations, and taxes.

LORD, does Colorado have some high taxes?

Wyoming doesn't even have a state income tax.

The people of Wyoming fight to keep those taxes low and the government small.

Before Colorado flipped to a blue state, (Democrat), there were bumper stickers on many cars that read "Don’t California My Colorado."

Also t-shirts and hats with the same saying.

But Colorado is looking and sounding as bad as California more and more every day.

Denver is a mess and will soon look, and smell, as bad as Los Angeles.

I'm a radio talk show host.

One of the stations that carries my show is KGAB in Cheyenne.

The signal for that station can be heard down past Denver.

I get calls from folks down in Colorado all the time.

"What happened to my state?" they ask.

Some of those folks that have called my show in despare later left their beloved home state and moved to Wyoming.

Wyoming is now what Colorado used to be.

Getty Images, Townsquare Media
Getty Images, Townsquare Media

The people of Wyoming do not hate Colorado.

They hate what the newer residents of Colorado have done to a once-great state.

The people of Wyoming are worried that those same people who are wrecking Colorado want to move up north to get away from the mess that they made.

Having not learned their lesson they will then make a mess out of Wyoming.

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