One of Cheyenne's most infamous urban legends involves the ghost of a little boy who has allegedly haunted the restrooms at the Lincoln Theatre for decades.

According to local lore, the boy snuck into the old theatre after hours one night and was never seen again. Over the years, several visitors claim to have seen the boy in both the men's and women's restrooms.

"I felt a heavy presence in the men's room, only to see a little boy rocking back and forth and smiling at me and then disappear, " a commenter posted on the Ghosts of America website several years ago.

Another woman described the sensation of being watched in the ladies' restroom. The boy in the bathroom has been the subject of several investigations and the Lincoln has been a popular stop on many haunted tours of downtown Cheyenne.

The historic theatre is currently being renovated and repurposed as a music venue. While some ghost hunters believe that renovating old buildings can sometimes chase spirits away, they have also been known to awaken or anger dormant spirits.

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