YEAH there is still an ammo shortage out there.

Heck most everything is running low and that means the cost of everything is getting higher. That includes ammo.

Before the pandemic Montana Tactical was selling boxes of 300 Winchester Magnum ammunition for about $30 a box.

You might want to hang on to something before you read this next sentence.

The last time they had boxes of those 300 Winchester Magnums, they were selling for $99 a box.

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“I’ve never seen a shortage of ammunition like this, and at this cost,” said Aaron Hagen, who has owned Montana Tactical on Gooch Hill Road for more than 20 years.

I bet you were just hopping to fill that stocking by the fire with live rounds for that special Wyoming person in your life.

Just make sure the fireplace is not like. Bullets and that much heat probably don't mix.

Wyoming is, after all, one of the most heavily armed states in the nation. But what good is a gun if there aren't any bullets to go in it?

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The shortage has been attributed to many factors, including pandemic-era supply chain disruptions, and the bankruptcy of major supplier Remington in 2020.

Add to that, more people bought guns last year. A lot more. No I mean like WOW a lot of people bought guns last years. That means they took those guns out to practice. That used up a lot of ammo.

There’s been an ammunition shortage affecting Americans for over a year now, and it continues right into November of 2021. So you bet things wont be better in December.


Hunters, gun users, and even some police departments either having trouble finding ammo. So not there are limits on how much a person or organization can buy, to prevent hoarding. They couldn't have thought of that with toilet paper?

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Well, you might be happy about ammo being in short supply, but the deer and antelope LOVE IT! 

HOLD ON - Do you think they have something to do with this? It could be a conspiracy. 

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