Candlelight Frights is presenting an 'exclusive, immersive, interactive, and historical Hallow's Eve experience,' and it's happening one night only, on October 31, in Casper. Here is you opportunity to join in the experience for FREE!

For centuries, there were no mass produced Halloween costumes, so people made their own costumes for All Hallow's Even. Due to Halloween's commercialization, with mass-produced costumes available since the 1960s, this ancient folk art--along with most of our historical Hallow's eve traditions--have been lost.

This event is more than just an excuse to don a costume and drink (not that there's anything wrong with that- Halloween can be anything to anybody); it's a chance to learn more about the history of Casper, and the history of All Hallows' Eve.

The goal of Candlelight Frights is to bring Halloween back to its original roots, detailing some of the traditions that would eventually evolve into what we know them as today.

Where: The Void  |  128 E 2nd St, Casper, WY 82601
When: Monday, October 31, 2022  |  7:00 PM

Your PLUS ticket includes:

  • Halloween-themed snacks and refreshments (or premium themed food menu)
  • 2 themed Hallow's Eve cocktails / mocktails (a spiced cider or absinth cocktail designed by Casper Vintage mixologists) OR 3 16 oz beers (you can purchase more; please drink responsibly and don't drink/drive)
  • creative costume masquerade (costume masks required) & contest with $200 prize and gift cards
  • immersive, interactive learning about forgotten Halloween fortune-telling traditions
  • fortune-telling through palm, tarot, dream interpretation, and pendulum readers included
  • premium séance options

Tickets to the Haunted Historic Hallows' Eve Experience, produced by Candlelight Frights, can be purchased at this website. 

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