The image, above, is what Wyoming can expect for this weekend.

We are all still waiting on that big storm that ends the season.

This one isn't it.

But it will cover a good half of Wyoming.

From the Bighorn Mountains, up to Montana, and west through Jackson and Cody, a winter weather advisory has been issued for Wyoming.

For the rest of the state, just cold and - yuck, over the weekend.

For those who are under this advisory, or those who were planning to visit that half of Wyoming over the weekend, expect even colder temperatures and lousy driving conditions.

In the video below you can watch Don Day, of Day Weather, deliver his weekend forecast.

He posted this video Friday morning. Watch his channel for updates over the weekend.

A screen shot of what Don was talking about shows us the areas that will be effected the most.

But that does not mean that the rest of the state will have a great weekend.

These weather systems that have been passing through are broken up and scattered.

Don has advised that you don't pay much attention to that weather app on your phone.

It's had to tell from one day, much less one hour, to the next what might be coming our way.

That's how disorganized these systems are.

All meteorologist can say at this point is that you can expect a little of everything, and continued cold temperatures. over the next two weeks, at least.

Looking out into the Pacific, and up into Canada, there are more low pressure systems lining up and moving our way, one after the next.

We will be in this pattern for a while.

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