While writing this story, I found a second one that is even more bizarre. After the first video below, scroll down for Part 2.

As for story #1 we can give her the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Heather Mills was visiting Pueblo Colorado from Indiana. She was staying at a local hotel when she saw what seemed to be a cute little kitten crawling under her car and up into the engine.

"My first reaction was, I thought it was a regular cat," Mills said. "Didn't realize it was a bobcat until I posted it on Facebook and then everyone responded that's a bobcat. But my first reaction was to help out a cat that was stuck in my engine."

Worried about the lost little kitten, she took out a fish sandwich she had and lured it out and into her car. She then called authorities and waited for help.

Like any other lost and scared kitten it roamed around the car until it finally got stuck under the dash. It was about then that Colorado Parks and Wildlife arrived.

All is well - this cute kitten was taken to a sanctuary where it will be raised and released when it is old enough.

The video of the kitten in the car is below. After you watch it, scroll down to the really weird story I found next.

We can forgive the lady in the fist story. But what can we say about the woman, back in 2019, who put an adult bobcat in her car next to her young child?

This cat was hit by a car. It was knocked out. The lady driver picked it up and put it in the back seat of her car, next to her child. She wanted to bring it to someone who could care for it.

When authorities opened the door, the cat woke. It even hissed and struggled a bit. But it was too broken from its injuries to put up much of a struggle and later died from its wounds.

If the cat had woken up and had not been so badly hurt it would have been very bad for the mother and child in that car.

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