When the big kitty cat wants to lay down and take a nap, who's going to tell it no?

That's like when you're trying to type and your house cat has other ideas and lies on your keyboard.

There is some unwritten law that says if a cat lays down on your lap, you're stuck until the cat decides to get up. You're just going to have to hold your pee and let your legs fall asleep.

So this big cat decided to lie down in the middle of the road.

I guess this lady, in the video below, doesn't know those unwritten rules of cats.

Vehicles are stopped all over the place, waiting on the cat to finish its nap.

But this lady does not want to wait.

So she actually tries to shoo the big guy with a broom of all things.

She better hope the cat doesn't develop a bad mood.

I searched the internet to see how this moment ended.

Was she able to get the cat to move on?

Did the cat attack?

There is not any video out there to answer this.

The best I can tell, by looking at this short video, is that the big cat wandered onto the road and then got stuck and confused by the traffic.

There is a cliff to one side, can't go up there.

There is a drop off to the other side, it appears.

There is traffic both ways.

Where can the cat go?

So it sits down, afraid to move.

There are ways to help the cat with this tough situation it finds itself in.

A broom is not one of them.

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