The Wyoming Department of Transportation is reminding motorists to avoid parking on the shoulders of state highways, as they are considered part of the highway right of way.

When a popular trailhead becomes crowded, it can be tempting to park on the shoulder of a nearby highway, such as along Wyoming Highway 210/Happy Jack Road or WYO 130 near the Snowy Range.

However, parking on the shoulder of a highway is illegal.

If a vehicle parks on a highway shoulder where “No Parking” signs are placed, or if there are no signs at all, both cases would violate Wyoming state statute 31-5-504.

Parking on the side of the highway makes it difficult for snowplows to clear of snow, as vehicles can create drifts and other hazards.

Rather than parking on the shoulders of a highway, it is suggested that motorists at a full trailhead are encouraged to park at a different trailhead.

If a vehicle parked within a state highway right-of-way is deemed a hazard, it can be towed at the owner’s expense.

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