Has Wyoming had any problems with voter fraud?

What about "elections integrity?" That would mean the ability to stop voter fraud.

There are those who say that Wyoming has no such issues.

But there are those who point to weaknesses in our state's ability to prevent fraud should it occur in the state.

The Heritage Foundation has just released its assessment of voter integrity, state by state.

That would be an evaluation of a state's ability to spot or even stop voter fraud in any form.

Wyoming ranked 37th out of 50 states in their assessment, which you can read here. 

attachment-Heritage foundation voter integrity score

Above is a screenshot of their breakdown. At their site, you can open each item and look at why they think Wyoming should get this score.

While some in Wyoming argue that we have not had any such problems others have argued that we are still venerable and should take precautions.

Wyoming's GOP Secretary Of State nominee Chuck Gray is one who wants to implement a host of precautions to protect elections in the state.

After Gray won the primary election to become the GOP nominee for Secretary of State, GOP Senator Case spearheaded an effort to recruit a “conservative” to run against Gray as an Independent. He then offered legislation to strip the Secretary Of State office of many powers regarding elections over fears of what Gray might do.

attachment-Heritage foundation voter integrity score 2

The Wyoming Republican Party publicly reprimanded a State Senate leader Saturday while meeting in Riverton.

'Censuring someone is a very serious thing, but (Case’s effort) is a very serious and egregious offense,' said Dave Holland, Vice-Chairman of the party. 'We’ve already said we’re not going to support (Case) because of (his) voting record; censuring is a step further, and I think it’s called for.' (Cowboy State Daily).

The fight continues over if Wyoming needs to further secure its elections.

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