I've had a pencil and a sketchbook in my hand since I was little. I’ve been studying and practicing art for more than ten years now, but I'm finally able to do it full-time! I love what I do, and I enjoy working with people to create beautiful pieces.

Sam Bledsoe is a Wyoming artist and small business owner, and as you can tell from her statement above, she's passionate about her art.

And, while many artists struggle to turn their passion into a career Bledsoe has found a way to make her dreams a reality.

I recently came across her work in a local home where she created gorgeous murals for two rooms. When I reached out to the homeowner she shared how thrilled she was with the final looks for her children's rooms.

What started with an idea to add more to our girls' room- turned out to be something much more than I could have ever imagined. Sam did a moc-up sketch of the idea and customized it to what we had wanted. Her incredible eye for detail and artistry absolutely outdid what I had envisioned. She did all of this in an incredibly timely manner and far exceeded our expectations.

Take a look at the rooms below.

Start To Finish: Two Murals Created By Wyoming Artist Sam Bledsoe

Sam Bledsoe is the woman behind Bugalee Designs. Take a look at some of her recently created murals, and see the process from start to finish.

Wouldn't it be so cool to have custom murals in your child's room?

Or how about using this to create a space of beauty for yourself in a master bedroom or office?

You can see more of Bledsoe's work on her Facebook page, including videos of her painting the murals shown above.

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