Charles James (C.J.) Box Jr. is a Casper native, who now lives with his family outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

While best known as the author of the award-winning "Joe Pickett" series, Box has also been a ranch hand, fishing guide, and surveyor.

Anyone that has read one of his 27 books can see how these life experiences helped him become the author he is today.

Box's novels often focus on life in rural Wyoming and recently his Cassie Dewell books were turned into a TV series on ABC "Big Sky"

It looks like fans of Box's "Joe Pickett" books have some good news headed their way.

In a recent tweet, Box hinted that a new TV series created around his novels about Wyoming Game Warden Joe Pickett will indeed be happening.

This article in seems to confirm our hunch, and even says that the filming should be happening in Calgary later this year.

As soon as we have any more news we will update this article, but we can't help but wonder...who would you pick to play the character of Joe Pickett?

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