We have always been suspicious here in Wyoming, about if we really do have a "Bigfoot" or two in the state - or is it just a Walmart shopper who decided to skip showering and shaving for another month? If the latter is the case, he will be really disappointed at Walmart's new shopping rules.

Sasquatch, as he prefers to be called, gets a little annoyed when folks point out that he stinks. In Florida, when he goes on vacation down there, they call him Skunk Ape. Yet still when he goes shopping he never seems to stop to buy soap, he just walks up and down the isles, naked as can be, no worry about personal hygiene.

Did I say naked?

Yes I did.

Because he is so hairy most people never really notice that he's not wearing any pants. YUP, Bigfoot is naked. Always has been. He likes to live free, as if Wyoming is just one big nudist colony for him.

Now, due to COVID-19 concerns, many retail stores have begun requiring shoppers to wear masks. That means you too, Sasquatch.

So imagine how upset he was when he arrived at Walmart and found out that he would actually have to put something on to shop there. It might just be a face mask to you and me but to a guy who has never worn anything it seems really restrictive, uncomfortable, and odd.

That begs the question - do people at nudist colonies have to wear face masks? Actually, it is the one item that nudist colonies have been requiring. NOT KIDDING.

Wyoming Bigfoot is not happy. He can't wait for this COVID-19 thing to come to an end.

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